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Chubby models parade in front of the Eiffel Tower against the dictatorship of the dressmakers | NTN24

About 40 fat models paraded Sunday in light and sexy clothes in front of the Eiffel Tower to encourage women to face the dictatorship of the dressmakers.

Large-sized models and "everyday women", including thin people, small or not very young, participated in the second edition of this "positive body" parade, a term taken from the Anglo-Saxon culture, where this movement became more rooted.

The models displayed in their parades tracks in English, which read, among other words, "my body is beautiful" or "its beauty in its diversity," AFP reports.

"The idea of ​​the parade is to represent the majority of women, to show that they are beautiful despite their defects, which are not really because they are totally natural like belly, cellulite or stretch marks," he explained. AFP Georgia Stein, organizer of the parade.

Like a 32-year-old stewardess, blond, Stein – who paraded – defends "those women who feel bad about themselves and have depressions because of it."

She herself suffered when she increased the size of the clothing from 36 to 44 due to a hormonal problem, and says that "in France we are very, very late in the matter, we do not see diversity in advertising campaigns."

"The market is minimal, the average woman is in size 42. In addition, 40% of women can not dress with the big brands," he rebels.

Leslie Lauthelin, another participant, who measures 1.78m and wears 46 clothes, says she has a hard time finding fashionable clothes.

"Finding something modern at attractive prices is an impossible mission, you have to end up getting dressed with very old models," he told AFP.

The mayor of Paris organized a campaign against "gordofobia" during the last Fashion Week in February, but the message has coagulation problems.

Some large houses questioned by AFP refused to speak publicly on the subject. But the late Karl Lagerfeld, the superstar of planetary sewing who died in February, had admitted years ago: "Nobody wants to see plump women on the runways."

Georgia Stein says that this reluctance in France is the result of "the percentage (of overweight women) is lower" than in the United States or Britain, and also evokes the difference of mentalities.

"In the United States, women are totally taken over, and one that's size 50 will also wear a fair dress and a short neckline."

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