Chernobylite displays its action in an extensive video gameplay


This video game inspired by STALKER is already a hit in the Kickstarter.

Very few days they needed The Farm 51 to collect in Kickstarter just about all the money needed to develop its promising Chernobylite, an action adventure and suspense that is inspired by great works like the remembered S.T.A.L.K.E.R. To celebrate, the authors of the interesting Get Even have published an extensive gameplay video that allows us to see what their new work is like.

Even in a state of premature development Chernobylite looks really good, highlighting the level of detail achieved by re-creating the scenarios that we can explore freely. The promise is to create a non-linear narrative experience in which elements of action and survival converge.

In our first impressions of Chernobylite we have already told you what we think about this ambitious proposal that still has many days ahead to raise more money in its Kickstarter Campaign where more than $ 80,000 is needed.

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