Caribbean Series defined the playoff regulation


Juan José Ávila, president of the LVBP, said that the Ordinary Assembly

CARACAS.- The 61st edition of Caribbean Series This season he presented a new format dividing the six teams into two groups, where both leaders will advance to the final.

The competition regulations as well as the tiebreaker criteria were revised again to clarify any doubts. In the case of a possible tie in any of the two groups, the "Team Quality Balance" (TQB), which is obtained from the number of marked runs, divided by the entries played on the offensive, minus the number of runs allowed, divided between the entries played defensively.

Although if that does not make a difference between the matched teams, only allowed clean runs will be considered.

Each point was clarified during the second Ordinary Assembly of the Confederation of Professional Baseball of the Caribbean (CBPC), led by Dr. Juan Francisco Puello Herrera, CBPC Commissioner.

Likewise, each of the representatives of the various leagues were present and supported the decision.


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