Cardi B talks about physical exhaustion because of his work pace | Music


True to the naturalness with which she always expressed herself about the advantages and disadvantages of being one of the most popular and acclaimed artists of the current music scene, rapper Cardi B He did not hesitate to take advantage of his last public intervention to speak directly about the many physical-and psychological-problems that arise from the busy stage he is going through today, in which he has to combine the care of his eldest Kulture (four months ) with preparations for a highly anticipated second album.

"There are times when it feels like my body is completely shut down because I feel overwhelmed by everything I have to do. [tras dar a luz a su hija] I tried to lose weight to recover the figure and now I'm trying to gain a few pounds. And it's costing me a lot because I lost my appetite, although at least I do my job well. " explained to portal E! News

Luckily for her, her husband Offset -component of the famed trio Migos-does everything in his power to keep him under constant surveillance and is therefore able to quickly identify the times when the hip hop star needs to "completely" disconnect from so many obligations as well as the best solution for Cardi to relax.

"I find it very difficult to get disconnected from all these things, but at least I have a husband who tells me:" You know what, you need to get out of here, go on vacation. "And the other day he told me took to Dominican Republic to take a few days off, and also grabbed my phone to make sure I did not look at him for a second, "he revealed in the same conversation.


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