Camila Cabello talks for the first time about her boyfriend Matthew Hussey



Throughout the last year luck has smiled on all the plans of your life to Camila Cabello: besides having consolidated his solo career and having seen how simple it isHavanaIt has become the song of a female artist most heard in the history of Spotify, at the beginning of the year he met the specialist in sentimental relationships Matthew Hussey on the television programToday"In which he participated as a specialist in love affairs, and the passion was instantaneous.

Although her courtship is not exactly a secret, she has not been encouraged to speak publicly about the man who steals her heart.

"He's a lot like me, personally, we're both a little weird, and we like to play the fool together, he made me happier than ever in my life," said the young performer on a rare start of sincerity about her boyfriend .

Despite the age difference of a decade between them and the rumors of infidelity that flew over the beginning of their relationship – the Danish singer To relieve He said that Matthew was seeing them both at the same time until she discovered some photos of him with Camila taken by paparazzi– The Briton has already obtained the approval of his daughter's family, something very important in view of the fact that the artist's mother accompanies him in the vast majority of his professional commitments.

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Matthew has already accompanied his famous girlfriend in a few awards, always staying in a discreet environment and, if possible, out of Camila's field of vision when she has to take the stage: "I do not know why, but when he's in the audience I'm very nervous, I start to stutter and my hands get sweaty.It is very inconvenient, really, because we have been together for a long time, but I can not avoid it, the same thing happens again and again.I do not feel able to speak " , acknowledges Camila in a new interview with the magazine. Marie Claire


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