Sunday , August 25 2019
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British experts to use space technology to fight cancer

A million-pound donation will help space technology improve early detection and diagnosis of colorectal cancer through a revolutionary artificial intelligence (AI) system developed by Odin Vision, a spin-off from University College London (UCL) ).

The UK Space Agency said in a statement that "the project will use secure, high-speed satellite communications combined with custom data compression software that is typically used to operate space missions."

The project will create a cloud-based AI system that can support doctors when they identify cancer in patients, reports the Xinhua News Agency.

Peter Mountney of Odin Vision noted that progress is being made toward a new area of ​​medical care in which Artificial Intelligence will support physicians to identify and diagnose cancer more quickly and effectively. "

Science Minister Chris Skidmore commented that it is "incredible that the artificial intelligence technology first developed decades ago and being used to examine distant planets now helps detect some of the most difficult to treat cancers on their planets" . first stages ".

Skidmore said that because colorectal cancer is the second most common cause of cancer-related deaths, innovation will be crucial to helping the NHS in the UK avoid more than 20,000 cancer-related deaths. year to 2033.