Brenda Suárez crowned Miss Intercontinental Venezuela


November 26, 2018 01:25 PM
Updated November 26, 2018 13:30 PM

Miss Miranda Brenda Suarez won this Sunday with the Miss Intercontinental Venezuela 2018 crown, a title that credits her as our representative in the foreign contest.

The event, broadcast by the Televen signal from 8:00 pm, featured the customary swimsuit parades, formal dress and a round of questions. He also gave musical presentations by Maleh, Alois, Kike Lara and Amira.

25 candidates demonstrated on national television the fruit of months of work, training and, above all, intellectual preparation, all under the premise of being part of an organization that pretends to be a showcase of integral, beautiful and intelligent women who want to make life in the middle artistic

"This is a dream come true. Like my colleagues, I made great efforts to achieve this achievement and I promise to continue preparing to leave the name of Venezuela on high, "were the first words of Brenda Suarez after being crowned.

Like Miranda, other girls have the opportunity to travel to different latitudes to participate in beauty encounters. The final picture was then integrated by Nueva Esparta as Miss Landcaspes Venezuela, Top Model of the World is Distrito Capital and Miss Multinational Venezuela, Trujillo. Miss Globe Venezuela is Vargas and Miss Eco Venezuela was in the hands of Anzoátegui.

Also, four girls were awarded six special bands, chosen by the jury and by social networks. Guarico was recognized as Miss Face and Miss Popularity; Be like Miss Elegance; the best smile was Delta Amacuro and Miranda, Miss Photogenic and Miss 2.0.

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