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This week the news on the market captured the highest interest due to continuous drop in the price of bitcoin and the criptomonedas, that the weekend broke the barrier of $ 4,000. Hence the sentiment of the participants of the cryptomercado oscillate between capitulate or resist, with attention placed on the behavior of the market.

Among the most outstanding news are:

  • The State Agency of Tax Administration of Spain identified some 15,000 taxpayers operating with criptomonedas, after obtaining information on the operations with criptomonedas of the clients of banks, exchange houses, intermediaries and companies that allow to invoice with cryptoactive.
  • The company Bakkt postponed for January 24, 2019 the future contracts of bitcoin that had been announced by to be commercialized from the next 12 of December. According to Bakkt, through its CEO, Kelly Loeffler this is because have plans to add new features to the product.
  • The sentiment of the investors in relation to the fall in the prices oscillates between capitular and resist (hold). According to Santiment data words in english capitulation and capitulate they increased in Telegram and Reddit groups, although the words hodl and hold showed much more activity than the previous ones.
  • On November 21, users of the Uphold platform received a fraudulent email that superseded the official domain of the company. The courier was offered a coupon to get a 15% refund on the funds, on the occasion of Black Friday. There were 2,400 USD that were sent to the fraudulent address.


  • A report by the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates announces that the project of issuing a digital currency from that country's central bank entered into its design phase and would be ready by mid-2019. The purpose of the plan is to allow cross-border payments between a number of banks.
  • The hash rate or processing power of the networks of the main crypto-coins falls along with market prices. An indicator that some miners have been disconnecting their equipment as it can not make its daily operations profitable.
  • The downward trend in bitcoin prices continued to advance this November 24, when the Cryptomoneda broke the $ 4,000 barrier, trading at USD 3,813.86, which represents a decrease of 11.85%.
  • A cybercriminals in Argentina received a two-year prison sentence for stealing 500 ethers from a sale platform in December 2017. The charges for which he received the sentence were "computer fraud"And" violation of secrets and identity ".

In this way, the week was very active regarding the events of the cryptomercado, when volatility returned. Although news on regulatory plans and the progress of projects linked to bitcoin derivatives and cryptoactive technology indicate that the ecosystem is moving forward.


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