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Bitcoin recovered ground and surpassed the barrier of $ 9,000

June 17, 2019 1:40 p.m.
Updated June 17, 2019 14:30

Bitcoin climbed this weekend to $ 9,381.82, the highest in 13 months, boosted by Facebook's bet on its own type of criptomoeda.

According to data collected by the specialized CoinDesk portal, the digital currency hit $ 9,400 on Sunday and remained the entire weekend above the psychological barrier of 9,000, and with an upward trend thanks to investor expectations.

Facebook will announce its new criptomoeda on Tuesday, June 18, a project supported by companies such as Visa, Mastercard, PayPal and Uber, which will be part of a consortium called Libra Association or Libra Project and will act as supervisor of the project. badge

While the history of bitcoin (which lost 80% of its value from its $ 20,000 peak to about 3,000 in 2018) makes its future seem uncertain, for eToro analyst Simon Peters, a price of 10,000 is " now firmly in sight. "

Among the reasons, in addition to Facebook's institutional commitment, geopolitical instability: not only by the trade negotiations between the United States and China, which have been affecting markets since the beginning of the year but by instability in the UK, which chooses a new prime minister to guide Brexit and protest in Hong Kong.

So far this year, the main reference crypto-currency has been re-evaluated at 142% from the $ 3,800 it started in 2019.

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