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Big papi attack: two police officers hired by drug traffickers would be the authors


The police in the Dominican Republic believes that the former Boston Red Sox star, David & Big Papi & # 39; Ortiz, was shot two police officers hired for one drug dealer of the Dominican Republic.

By MiamiDiario Editorial

According to the version that manages Dailymail andThe drug dealer believed that the baseball playerComing into a romance with his wife.

Three police sources confirmed the reason for the British media on Monday, when Ortiz, 43, was recovering at the hospital.

The name of the drug dealer was not disclosed.

On Monday, the representative of Ortiz, Leo Lopez, He denied that the shooting had anything to do with a woman, but acknowledged that it was the act of "hired" killers.

& # 39; »There is no doubt that was a hired assassin. If we knew that there was a dangerous situation, he would not be there at that moment, "said Leon Lopez. Free newspaper.

Six hours lasted for surgery

Ortiz must recover completely, but suffered Liver damage during the six-hour operationhis spokesman said.

The former Red Sox slugger received aback-to-back almost at close range while drinking with friends, including local TV presenter Jhoel López.

Ortiz was taken to surgery at the Abel Gonzolez clinic. Before being operated on, he told the doctors, "Please do not let me die, I'm a good man."

After the operation, his father reported that he was fine. «Doctors say that David is out of danger Thank God. What they told me after the operation is that doctors believe she will recover quickly. Big Papi will be around for a long time, "Leo Ortiz told ESPN.

Lopez told Diario Libre via a message from WhatsApp: "I'm fine. IM getting better.

A detainee

Ortiz, who retired from baseball in 2016, is from the Dominican Republic and divide your time between the city of Santo Domingo, where the attack happened and Miami, where he lives with his wife and children.

He is well known in Santo Domingo and is known for frequenting the bars and restaurants where the attack occurred.

Before being shot, they saw him and Lopez with other men drinking and smoking cigars.

He was sitting at the table with Lopez when the marksman approached him behind on a motorcycle and He shot his back.

The investigation is ongoing. So far the police He arrested Eddy Feliz Garcia. Garcia was chased at the bar by a crowd of Ortiz supporters and he was beaten until the police arrived.

O captured mob Garcia when Ortiz was transferred to the hospital.

It is not clear if it was the person who pulled the trigger or was driving the motorcycle. In a widely shared video on social media later on, he is seen saying he did not know anything about the attack. As the crowd shouts, "Do not you know anything? Do not you know anything?"

Research in progress

The initial reports they suggested that it was an attempted assault, but the police dismissed it. «So far, the case is under investigation. Social networks are speculating on many things, officials say.

"We can not give more details," he said. DailyMail Lieutenant Pimentel of National Police in Santo Domingo.

Premonitory Fears

Ortiz is very dear in the Dominican Republic, where he is well known for his charity work with children.

In 2007, Ortiz founded andl David Ortiz Children's Fund to help children with heart problems in both the Dominican Republic and New England.

Ortiz had already spoken of his fears of being injured in his home country.

Before a ball game in 2015 at Fenway Park, he told a Dominican journalist that the violence In his native country he was out of control and that he did not feel comfortable carrying a firearm to protect himself in public.

& # 39; This is getting out of control. I think they need a good deal because I like going to my country and I know that people love you and take care of you. But you know that when these guys want to get their stuff, they're not thinking straight and They do not care who is who. And I do not want to carry an AK-47 inside my car there. I do not want to go anywhere with many guns. I am not a bearer of weapons. I'm not a man looking for trouble. But that is what the (current) moment requires you to do, "he said.

Ortiz is married to Tiffany Ortiz and has three children. It is not clear if they were with him in the Dominican Republic at that time.

Solidarity at all levels

Ortiz finished his career 20 years in the top 2016 leagues when he won the last of his 10 appearances on the All-Star Game.

The first designated hitter and first base man won Seven Silver Slugger Awards in his career, and he connected 541 homers with 1,768 batted races in 2,408 games in the majors. Occupy place 17 in the history of the major leagues in home runs in his career.

Ortiz began his major league career with the Minnesota Twins (1997-2002) with whom he played six seasons, but his career flourished after joining the Red Sox.

His heroic seasons helped Boston reach its first World Series title in 86 years in 2004. It was the Most Valuable Player of the Series of the American League Championship when the Red Sox came from behind in a series that went 3-0 to outdo their eternal rivals of the New York Yankees. in seven games.

He also helped the Red Sox win the championships in 2007 and 2013, earning him the title of World Series Most Valuable Player last season.

The shots have drawn great support from both former teammates and former opponents.

O Red Sox offered to send a private plane transfer Ortiz to medical facilities in the United States, if necessary.

"I am at peace, knowing him from danger; You're a strong man, Compai, I can not wait to hear your voice. My thoughts and prayers are with you, see you soon, "he wrote. Pedro Martínez, a former Red Sox pitcher from the Dominican Republic who served as inspiration for Ortiz on his way to MLB.

"Anxiously waiting for more news. Meanwhile, just the prayers for @Davidortiz, Tiffany and his family, "he tweeted Alex Rodriguez, former batter of the archrival New York Yankees.

"Thoughts and prayers reaching @davidortiz," wrote the current star of the Angels, Mike Trout.

Among those who prayed for their recovery on Monday, former President Barack Obama.

These are just some of the messages of solidarity circulating in networks.

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