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Avengers: Endgame -% continues to seduce us with its promises. The culmination of Marvel's Cinematic Universe Phase 3 will surely become one of the greatest successes of the franchise, perhaps the largest. Film directors Anthony Russo and Joe Russo have already assured that the fourth edition of The Avengers will last three hours, the longest running of a Marvel Studios tape, but now the emotions are exalted by the film. excellent news coming from the test projections through Collider (via Comicbook).

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According to reports provided by Joe Russo for the news portal, the tests are being a complete success; not only the three hours were well accepted, the spectators refuse to leave their seats although they want to go to the bathroom, this speaks very well of what awaits us in the great hall in less than three months.
Avengers: War of the Infinite – 79% lasted 2 hours with 40 minutes, becoming, until then, the longest and highest grossing film of the MCU. We know that Avengers: End of the Game He's done it, but will he do it at the box office?

The three hours of Avengers: End of the Game They sound like enough time for the tape to close satisfactorily with each and every one of the arcs that have been presented to us. End of the game it's not just the end of Phase 3, it's the culmination of the 22 films that Marvel Studios has produced so far, a decent closing is more than necessary.

So far we know very little about Avengers: End of the Game, what the teaser trailer and the television offered us. It was commented that these two videos hardly contain material of the first 15 minutes of the film, that is, we have not seen anything in reality, and we are sure that the filmmakers will not show more compromising details.

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In Infinite War We witnessed Thanos' extremist vision, his obsession with the gems of infinity, and his monstrous final action that ended half of life in the universe. After the event, we could see that the main Avengers were very hurt by the situation, this can also be seen in the trailer that was released a few months ago. For Avengers: End of the Game surely they will come up with a plan that will allow them to defeat the Mad Titan absolutely.

The path that the Avengers will follow in their fight against the enemy is unknown, we only have loose information collected from theories or rumors arising in the corners of the Internet. The most reasonable way to date is the temporary vortexes, small units located in the Quantum Kingdom that could make the journey possible over time.

Avengers: End of the Game will be released in theaters next April 26; Captain Marvel will arrive a little earlier on March 8; and for the 5th of July we can see Spider-Man: Away from home.

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