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The premiere of Avengers: Endgame -% is very close, but very little is what we know about what awaits us in theaters. We have some details, but the final destination of many main characters is still unknown. A new report Revenge of the fans points out that an important character will return from death to help in the fight with Thanos.

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We know that in Avengers: Infinity War – 79% was lost to half the life forms of the universe, a terrible massacre that could only be carried out by an evil entity who believes to be doing good. After the act, the Avengers were left without several of their most powerful allies. With rumors that they will likely use temporary vortexes to travel back into the past and stop the Foe Crazy, the newly announced return of Frigga, Thor's mother whose role Avengers: End of the Game, it was said, can be very important.

The time travel is able to change space-time, a fact that could allow a meeting with some lost family faces in action. The MCU has more than twenty tapes to its credit, so the concept of temporary vortices would work to do and undo all that the filmmakers invented.

Frigga was killed in Thor: The Dark World – 66%, a fact that left his two sons deeply affected. The return of the Asgard Queen could mean an emotional gathering and a tear gas scene for some; The interesting thing is that there are several theories on how the character could be introduced once more; the most popular idea is that of time travel, but the possibility of appearing in the current timeline was also mentioned; an alleged trip of the god of thunder to Valhalla, the great hall where souls go, was implicated. Much influence on the situation could have this vision that Thor had in Avengers: Age of Ultron – 75%, where we could briefly observe his passage through what could be this sacred place. Proof that the Avenger could meet in Valhalla with his mother is a statue of vision, a figure that was seen during the filming of Infinite War and End of the game.

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The last option to take into account is that the Frigga that may appear in Avengers: End of the Game could come from an alternate dimension, although this is less likely because the MCU is still reluctant to venture into the multiverse, a very complicated and large-scale issue that can be difficult to load in the Marvel Studios movies.

The events of Avengers: End of the Game promise to be epic and unforgettable; We hope that in addition to Frigga, return to the screen several beloved MCU characters who died after the shooting of Thanos, but if they do not return, certainly Marvel Studios will put us in front of more superheroes that until now do not have a film version. This universe still has a lot to offer.

Avengers: End of the Game will hit theaters on April 26.

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