Atlanta United vs Herediano live: Champions Concacaf


75 & # 39; The game is 15 minutes from the game and we enter a stage full of nervousness and pressure …

71 & # 39; No, you can believe! In came Villalba Recipen, who had plenty of space to place a well aimed shot and score the 0 – 1 goal.

69 & # 39; Frank de Boer makes a change: Pity Martínez left and Héctor Daniel Villalba took his place

65 & # 39; We entered a stage of the game where the slightest mistake could cost Atlanta. If Herediano scored a goal, they would send a penalty

63 & # 39; Gooooal from Atlanta United! Josef Martinez received assistance from Break Shea and just pushed the ball. Twice the South American tonight

60 & # 39; The game has half an hour and still nothing is defined; a single goal from Herediano can change things in the equalizer, start the second half! Atlanta approaches the rooms

57 & # 39; Yes, Atlanta again forgives! This time, Pity Martinez entered on the left side and his shot went to the side. The game is lived to the limit

55 & # 39; Once again Atlanta was close! Julian Gressel overflowed on the right side, he shot a cross and the keeper miraculously pulled the ball to the corner kick

53 & # 39; Sooooo Josef Martinez! The striker picked up a ball in the heart of the area and his shot was "kissing" the post of goalkeeper Cambronero

52 & # 39; The Atlanta strategy is enforced at this time to what Hernan Medford had planned with Herediano. As the minutes go by, there will be modifications that will make the game more interesting

50 & # 39; The balance was balanced in the complementary part. Herediano managed to get the ball to Atlanta in certain periods of the game and also seek the goal.

46 & # 39; For the second time, strategist Hernán Medford decided to make a change: she went to the Mexican Omar Arellano and in his place Mynor Escoe entered

45 & # 39; Start the second part! Atlanta United are, for the moment, in the quarter-finals, but we can not forget that Herediano needs only one goal to end the party

The goal of Josef Martinez is the fastest in the history of Atlanta United. 47 seconds were enough for the Venezuelan striker to punch the nets

IN REST Atlanta United is clearly dominating the actions against a Herediano who seeks to hurt through the contregolpe

45 & # 39; + 1 & # 39; Finish the first half! Atlanta partially won 2-0 and aggregate 3-3 is giving the pass to the next round of the CONCACAF Champions League

45 & # 39; 45 were fulfilled and the refereeing body indicates that one minute of play will be added

44 & # 39; Herediano is losing his head … missing the foul and the central judge does not receive the yellow. If everything goes like this, the match will go out of control

41 & # 39; We entered the final stretch of the first half and Atlanta United was the absolute owner of the game; Herediano only looks for a goal to enter the next phase

38 & # 39; Pena Martinez is already at a disadvantage; he swept recklessly and took the rival on the road. In this way, he was reprimanded and is already the second in Atlanta. González Pírez was the first

36 & # 39; Remedi is saved from rebuke after a difficult tackle on his rival in the midfield. Arbitrage may be a factor in party development

33 & # 39; They start to slow down the revolutions in this game. Atlanta is comfortable and is approaching the third goal, but does not press as before.

30 & # 39; Forgive Atlanta the Third! Brek Shea closed the clamp in a center on the right side and his shot hit the net from the outside. Herediano is still saved in this first part

27 & # 39; Uuuuuy! Herediano ran with luck… Pity Martinez tipped the corner kick right to the keeper, who swiftly scored.

25 & # 39; The secret of the game has not changed: Atlanta is master and master of action, while Herediano seeks only one goal that puts him back in the fight.

21 & # 39; Filmed by Omar Arellano! Finally, the Tico team reacted with a long distance shot by the Mexican football player, but Brad Guzan got the ball without much difficulty.

18 & # 39; Frank de Boer's push went off target. They do not give a single pause to the rival and that is why Herediano is uncomfortable in foreign country

15 & # 39; The start of the game was a real hell for Herediano, who probably had not expected such a devastating start for Atlanta United.

11 & # 39; Herediano is in shock, in ten minutes scored two goals and for now they are eliminated. They should rethink their ideas to get into the game

5 & ​​# 39; First minutes full of intensity, but also nervousness… all the ingredients are ready to make this a great game

3 & # 39; The goal fell like "bucket of cold water" to Herediano, which so far has not been able to recover, while Atlanta presses effectively to score the second goal as quickly as possible

1 & # 39; Start the game in Atlanta! Those led by Frank de Boer fell by 3-1 on the overall score.

Welcome to the preview and minute by minute of Atlanta United vs Herediano, the second round of the CONCACAF Champions League knockout round, to be played at Fifth Third Bank Stadium at 8:00 p.m.


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