Assassinated tradesman who opposed the theft of his truck in Petare


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Four chest shots were awarded to Luis Enrique Franquiz (35) when he resisted stealing his white Jeep Cherokee truck in a Petare section on Friday afternoon.

Franquiz was autonomous in the sale of cheese and sausages, had more than three brothers and father of five children.

At about six o'clock in the afternoon they intercepted him, tried to take the vehicle away from him but he resisted, he fought with his attackers and shot him. He died on the spot.

A person who identified him warned Franquiz's mother to move to the Bello Monte morgue.


Thirty-three corpses were admitted to the morgue this weekend: eleven on Saturday, fifteen on Sunday and Monday seven.

At six o'clock on Monday, neighbors of El Marques alerted authorities about the presence of a corpse on the public thoroughfare on Terepaima Street.

It was a man of about 35 years, dark skin, red flannel plaid dress, blue jeans, a single shoe of the RS21 black mark with green phosphorescent, ring and watch of little value.

The neighbors heard shots at 9:00 on Sunday night and it was dawn when passersby saw the body and warned.

Cicpc police, Sucre police and PoliMiranda went to the scene to start investigations. The victim was shot in the head.

Jonathan Oswaldo Pérez Ochoa (23) was shot dead while playing cards with friends in the sector of Rise of the Horse in Carapita, Antimano, on Saturday night, and a sniper fired without a word.

Around 11 o'clock at night, when the delinquent had invaded the camp and pointed at Perez Ochoa, the others tried to interpose, but the man also threatened to shoot them, and at the first shots he ran into disorder.

Perez was shot twice, one in the chest and the other in the stomach. The shooter continued down the street and shot at two other neighbors he encountered on his way.

Pérez Ochoa was transferred to Perez Carreño Hospital, where he died.
Jonathan was a hard-working, unemployed man and took care of his four-year-old niece while his parents worked. He was the youngest of five children. The eldest, Agustín José (19), was killed by a criminal gang in the same neighborhood 20 years ago.

None of the murderers was captured by the authorities, but "divine justice took care of each one of them"; said a relative.


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