Alleged burned doctor in La Cañada mourns his death


April 17, 2019 – 10:13 p.m.

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Almost two days of the tragic discovery of Angelyn Isabel Romero GuerraAt 26, the young surgeon was murdered and burned by La Cañada.

Since the fateful news was announced, social networks were filled with messages full of regrets for the physical loss of Romero, who from the first moment knew that he would have left at 11 o'clock on Sunday, April 14, of his home in the urbanization El Soler, the southern county to sell a few dollars in the company of a friend and never came back.

A police spokesman for the Criminal, Criminal and Criminal Investigations Corps (Cicpc) said they are continuing to carry out relevant investigations to clarify the Dantean murder that has shaken the entire Zulian region.

These are some of the reactions of the users on Instagram, who describe the woman as an exemplary and beloved young woman.

"Oh my beautiful little girl, my Angy, how they stole your life and I can not believe it so far"

"Holy God, every time I see more news about you, it's hard to tolerate it"

"Angy, I'm still in shock! What a pain, indignation and sadness in the soul you leave us … a lifetime knowing you, a friend with the warmth of your sister and watching you grow up with that giant heart and impeccable woman. , we love you and miss you and may God conquer your implacable power "

"#JusticiaparaAngelyn Zuliano doctor of mourning # MedicosLuz2016DeLutodescansa in the colleague of peace #JusticiaparaAngelyn"

"Friend, I read news stories about you and least I believe in it"

"My God was my student in high school Vicente Lecuna was a young exemplar I'm sorry"

Angelyn graduated in medicine from the University of Zulia (LUZ) in 2016. Similarly, it was learned that the young woman was a volunteer in the founding of the Office of Prevention and Defense of Children, Adolescence, Women and Family (Odenaf), where he wanted to support the monitoring of the provision of humanitarian aid and organized health days for communities of extreme poverty.



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