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Achieving the discovery: as well as Zidane and the Madrid squad

Achraf If you find out about a charla with AT and answers 'uncomfortable' questions about his former friends Real Madrid, opines about the 'vieja guardia' and also by the size and subsequent regression of Zidane

Achraf They have always been characterized by being sensible and humble. Despite playing very young in the first team Real Madrid, he never showed himself with superiority and accepted all the decisions made before him. Since the year 2018 he has been defending his shirt Dortmund Borrusia on condition of provided by Real Madrid, and in a recent interview for AT about your friends in Madrid and Zidane

How was your relationship with Zidane?

Pretty good, and I'm still keeping it. You are a trainer who always gives me good results, if you notice that you want me better, as if you had done so. Since I left, I have seen that some time I was talking about myself and I am very grateful for giving me the opportunity to play in Real Madrid, in the best club in the world. Whatever you do, I always have a good relationship with him.

What do you mean for Zizou?

For example, for example, I was a great player and I have also been shown to be a great trainer. For me it is said that if there is no operation and that I was all with it, it meant a lot. Coming from an intern as he is, he helps to work every day but.

Ganaron la Champions… y él dimitió. If you read harto?

No, not nothing. I didn't think so, and I thought it was your house and aim, now there is no reason why madridismo needs it. And you need Madrid. I was quite surprised that it was gone, I did not expect it.

And Cristiano was also gone, after a while.

Yes, another surprise. I had not heard anything about this at the end of the season, it was always the same. When he announced himself, he said, "Do not create me."


It's a big deal, I've faced me sometimes against him and if I notice you have a goal scorer. Will help a lot to Madrid when you need it.

How did Madrid, how did I live, collapse the team past?

Not only did it fall, but Madrid always has very high expectations, it aspires to the maximum and you are badly amazed to be winning all the titles, titles, titles. Y is a year without winning anything and it seems that something has exploded. I have a hand, but I have to be patient, so I am sold because they are my jugatory mystics. Now there have been some pies changed, but I believe that this van is coming out.

Marcelo, Ramos, Benzema, Modric… Isn't it in this generation?

For nothing, these players at any time appear and now we know that no matter how many of them, the day of mañana could get you another Champions.

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