A rotten football


What should be a historic, apotheistic and global final of the Copa Libertadores has become the stage for the most crude and primitive manifestations of the human being. What should CONMEBOL do? Take advantage of the violent scenario to send an even more violent message: the Copa is declared null, there is no champion and both River Plate and Boca Juniors will receive serious punishment until Argentine football understands that it can not continue hiding behind a false curtain of passion Football is not a war, nor is it a matter of life or death …


SAN DIEGO, Calif. – The South American Football Confederation has no choice but to declare the 2018 Copa Libertadores and apply a powerful punishment to Boca Juniors and River Plate clubs.

What comes next in this fateful result of the so-called "end of the world"? Looking for a new date under the same risks? Find an alternate location? Determine a winner at the table? Any of these messages would be wrong. CONMEBOL must give an image of sanity and wisdom, terms that until now have failed to show in this crisis. Football can not be played amidst violence and vandalism. Allowing this is as much as allying with it and justifying it.

CONMEBOL can not in any way miss this opportunity to finally try to change Argentine football and react to the serious deterioration it has suffered for decades. Playing the game is as much as covering up or distort reality. The events that took place on Saturday outside the Rio Stadium are common in Argentine football, so much so that in some circles it is seen and presumed as part of its atmosphere and tradition. CONMEBOL should not have allowed the Final of the Libertadores to be disputed under the & # 39; regulation & # 39; Argentine, to not allow visitors to the stadiums. This is not normal. A soccer ball that lacks the education, maturity and civility to understand that it is a sporting spectacle – not a war or a matter of life or death – is not a soccer ball capable of receiving an event of this magnitude. For years, Argentine football has deteriorated in terms of violence and, in that deterioration, involved supporters, leaders, promoters, politicians, football players, coaches and journalists. No one is saved.

The 2018 Final of the Libertadores must have been a global, historic, apotheotic event and has been in part to expose rotten football inside and out that, under the banner of a presumed passion, hides some of the most crude and primitive expressions of the human being: to fight for a football game? Do me the favor!



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