A new Xiaomi patent shows a full-screen design with a lower dual camera, the new Mi MIX?


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Xiaomi is a company that chooses to try its luck with certain types of riskier projects that may not be for everyone, but they do not leave anyone indifferent. And these tests are always done in the Mi MIX family, where we saw a single lower frame as well as a sliding mechanism to hide the front camera.

And now, two company patents have surfaced, which gives us some clues as to what could be one of its new terminals, with a location of the very original front cameras.

Will Xiaomi bet on the lower front camera again? These patents can be proof that yes

The Xiaomi Mi MIX – without the MIX 3- always had the front camera located on the bottom frame, leaving the rest of the terminal without frames, giving a very different look to the terminal, and which I personally find beautiful while uncomfortable when taking pictures with the front camera.

Well, the new Xiaomi patents show two different ways in which the company could re-bet by placing the double front camera on the bottom the terminal. Although, the presence of this arrangement of cameras in the MIX family at the moment, are just conjectures.

In one alternative, the cameras would be located at the lower ends of the screen, while in the other, they would be placed together in the lower central part. This second possibility would be perhaps worse, as with both the Xiaomi gesture system and the on-screen buttons, it would inevitably be tarnished every time we used the terminal, which – with its own experience with Mi MIX 2S – It is quite uncomfortable.

Of course, these are interesting alternatives, but they worsen the experience with the front camera that we have in a terminal that has the sensor at the top, since then it would not be necessary to transform the terminal to make us a selfie, with the discomfort this implies.

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