6 of the richest Ethereum Wallets are operating in a coordinated manner


The ORS CryptoHound research platform discovered an unusual activity in the Ethereum block chain that occurred last month: the six richest ETH Wallets operated in a similar fashion.

ORS CryptoHound analyzed Ethereum's 100 largest transactions in the last quarter of last year. The data showed that the six richest Carters transferred a considerable amount of ETH on the first day of December, with a total of nearly $ 500 million at the time of the transactions. In addition, each of the Portfolios in question contained 92-98% of OmiseGo (OMG) tokens.

They also noted that Wallets were created on the same day and all completed a cycle of their actions through multiple transactions in a remarkably similar manner until all the initial chips that were crawled were equally divided among 39 new portfolios that contain exactly 150,000 ETHs.

The ORS CryptoHound research team did not directly point out that any group could be dealing with the Portfolios, which represent 5% of Ethereum's total offering. But it is hinted that perhaps some entity was trying to falsify decentralization. This is to make Ethereum more integrated.

ORS CryptoHound is an intuitive, multi-blockchain platform for analyzing, investigating and reporting BTC, ETH and ERC-20 tokens with the help of artificial intelligence algorithms.

Fabrizio Fontana, chief analyst at ORS CryptoHound's research team, hopes that the AI-driven search tool can be used in the future:This research is one of the first case studies to show the potential of AI in the analysis of chain blocks and crypto-coins. Our goal is to provide a free and easy-to-use platform for everyone who wants to collect as much data as possible about a particular blockchain address or transaction."


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