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? With this free app, you can use your WhatsApp on two Android phones at the same time

November 17, 2018

ZapClone is an application with which you can take your WhatsApp to another phone or tablet without having to uninstall the first one. The trick is that it adapts the WhatsApp Web to an Android application: it works as an application, maintaining simplicity and with the option to duplicate the messaging application. With ZapClone, you can use WhatsApp on two devices without using the web browser, because the entire process and interface fit the style of one application and you'll have all your messages accessible in two different locations, while ZapClone applications WhatsApp are time synchronized

You just have to do the following:

  • Install ZapClone on your second phone, the one that does not have WhatsApp installed.
  • Open ZapClone and create an account. It is imperative to use it.
  • After logging in to ZapClone, start the setup: a QR code will appear.
  • Go to the phone with WhatsApp installed and enter the settings.
  • Go to "WhatsApp Web" and scan the ZapClone QR with the camera.
  • Once the scanned code is in place, the two applications will be synchronized: you'll have access to WhatsApp messages on two different devices.


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