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  • The lies of During the presentation of the film Wembley, one of the members of the Queen, Brian MayHe said:

"Bohemian Rhapsody is not a movie about Queen, it's a movie about Freddie."

He lied to be able to save the honor of truth in the story of Queen, because they emphasize that several aspects of the film do not reflect the real events of the life of the protagonists. Many lies.

The producers put up the bandages before the wounds point out that although the film is made on the basis of the Queen and Freddie Mercury, "Bohemian Rhapsody is not a documentary," then certain licenses were taken and made some adjustments on reality. He turned his attention away from the lies of the film.

The British rock band The Queen was formed in 1970. The film "Bohemian Rhapsody" presents the story in which the group was formed very different from what actually happened. The first big lie

In the movie, Freddie Mercury He meets the guitarist for the first time. Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor in 1970, after a performance of Smile, the band that preceded the Queen.

The lies of

This happens, coincidentally, shortly after the band's bassist and vocalist, Tim Staffell, retires from the band. According to the film, Mercury did not convince them, but then they let him join the band.

Big lie The reality is that Freddie Mercury He met his bandmates while studying art and design at school Ealing Art College, London.There, Mercury became friends with Tim Staffell, that was part of Smile together May and Taylor, and soon after he became a fan of the band. When Staffell left the group in 1970, both friends, Mercury joined the group.

John Deacon He joined Queen as a bass player in 1971. In the film they lie on the date the bassist joined John Deacon

In the film, it is defined since Freddie Mercury began to be part of the band and that Deacon was part of the group from the beginning.

However, the truth is that Freddie not only convinced May and Taylor to change the group's name to Queen, but it was in 1971 when they joined the group. Bassist John Deacon to the group.

The lies of

Another character that appears in the film and that is far from being reality is the one of Ray Foster, according to the fictional account, Foster initially refused to produce the song "Bohemian Rhapsody" because it was too long and asked the group to make more commercial music.

Huge falsehood. There is no evidence that Ray Foster, actually. character can be inspired by the EMI manager, Roy Featherstone, although he He was a big fan of Queen, unlike Foster in the movie.

Freddie Mercury and Mary Austin They had a loving relationship that became a lifelong friendship. In the movie, Mercury is known to have met his girlfriend Mary Austin the same night she joined the band in 1970. Falsity.

The truth is that he was not interested in her until after she became the leader of the queen.The film also creates fiction the way the love story between Freddie Mercury and Jim Hutton, to say that they met at a party hosted by the singer in which Hutton worked as a waiter.

The lies of

In real life, they met at a nightclub.Hutton said that in 1984 he rejected Mercury when he invited him to have a drink because he had not recognized it at the time, though Mercury was already a star.Hutton worked as a hairdresser in the Sightseeing. When they met again in 1985, they never separated again, the relationship lasted seven years, until death Mercury in November 1991.

Hutton himself was diagnosed with AIDS in 1990 and does not appear prominently in the film because the film ends with Queen's performance in the mega show. Live Aid 1985 in London, which happened shortly after their relationship with Mercury began
Towards the end of the film, Freddie Mercury discovers that he has AIDS and reveals to his companions before the Live Aid show. This is the biggest lie and surprise, because if they had seen the video of the performance, Freddie Mercury was still in good health.

It is the most shameful subject of the film. The appearance of Rami Malek, if compared to Freddie's, is grotesquely grotesque. It should never have been included. This is ridiculous. But people have not seen Freddie's performance or do not remember.

Freddie Mercury he died November 24, 1991.According to the Jim Hutton, Mercury did not know of his illness until 1987, and did not officially announce until the November 23, 1991, the day before his death.This is perhaps the most pathetic violation of the film.

The lies of

John Deacon said:

"I've never seen a movie distort its facts in such a punitive way. It's as if the movie wanted to punish Freddie Mercury. LMercury's tragic death from AIDS was a key moment in the early 1990s to become aware of the disease. Connecting his illness with his performance at Live Aid seems frivolous and cruel. "

Without doubt the presentation of Queen in the charity concert Live Aid at WembleyUnited Kingdom in 1985, was the most famous in the history of the band.

The film shows that the group met to participate in the show after a long season without seeing the faces, but it was not so, since the band released last year the album "THe works "and did a laraga world tour to present the album.

It's funny, another big lie, in such a mediocre movie. In the film, Mercury signed a solo contract of 4 million without telling his bandmates and this generated tension in the group.

Later, you see how the singer said he needed to a break from the band and that each had to follow his way. The band took a to rest in 1983, but its members have always kept in touch.

The lies of
What happened in real life is that the band He lost his enthusiasm in 1983, having been on tour for a decade. All members agreed to take a break and Focus on your solo careers.

The members of the group did not lose contact and began to work in 1983 in the album "The constructions " this includes the hugely successful "Radio Ga Ga" which may have been the group's best performance on Live Aid. Lady Gaga took the name of the song, not knowing that the song written by Roger Taylor in Ibiza , listening to a song that was a "shit," a word I could not use.

That's why many critics call the film Bohemian Gaga.



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