You're "not really" a patriot, you just want "great reviews"


One night after Fox News hosted President Trump's re-election meeting in 2020 without interruption in prime time, Fox News host, Sean Hannity, gave up almost his entire show for a telephone interview with the president. And while the friendly talk on Wednesday night gave little news, the president found time to boast about his rally ratings – and to give an apparent nudge at Hannity.

Discussing Trump's tendency to use Twitter, Hannity noted that many people would like Trump to "turn off the switch," prompting the president to say he uses social media to circumvent the media. Trump quickly turned to his ratings on TV.

"If I do not use social media – outside of you and some other incredible people – I call them patriots," the president told Hannity. "But, in fact, you're not really a patriot as much as you want ratings."

"I mean, you're getting great ratings, in all fairness, Sean. It's like last night, you were tremendous – I heard the speech. This was an easy night, you and Tucker. [Carlson] and everybody said let's do it and you did it.

According to Nielsen, Tuesday night's Hannity program – which was largely dedicated to broadcasting the rally – attracted more than five million viewers to easily lead cable news for the night. In comparison, Trump's long-awaited primetime interview with ABC's George Stephanopoulos attracted an audience of only 3.9 million.

In fact, on Monday night, Hannity sent a not-so-subtle message to the president after disappointing ratings hit his ABC spot – stay with Fox News if you want to attract viewers.

Highlighting that a March phone interview he did with Trump overcame Stephanopoulos, Hannity said it was "humiliating" to the ABC News anchor and that he needed to "pack up," commemorating the president's low audience in another network.


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