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William and Kate Are Doing 1 Thing Right as Parents that Harry and Meghan Aren't

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are all fairly new parents. Parenting is hard, and there is often not a "right" or "wrong" answer to how to do it. It depends on the situation and environment, and every mother and father differ in the way they choose to raise their kids. But there is one thing Kate and William seem to be doing more than Meghan and Harry, and it could make a difference in their children’s lives in the long run.

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, Prince William, and Kate Middleton
Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, Prince William, and Kate Middleton | Max Mumby / Indigo / Getty Images

Both couples have had to learn how to parent in the spotlight

Being a new parent isn't easy for anyone. But parenting with
everyone watching only makes things even more complicated. When William and
Kate announced their first pregnancy, people were obsessed with Kate’s every
move Every outfit she wore, every food she wants, and more – people wanted to
I know what she was doing all the time. And when she finally gave birth, people
couldn't wait to see what
kind of parents
she and William would be.

Things were no different for Meghan and Harry. From the moment Meghan announced a pregnancy, people became obsessed with her maternity style and wanted to know her and Harry’s plans for raising Archie. In the midst of trying to learn how to be a mother and father, the royals were also trying to balance immense fame.

Kate is always socializing her children by bringing them to various royal events

Kate and William attend many royal events together, but there are also times when the kids accompany Kate to events where their father is either not present or attending the event in a different form. For example, Kate brought the kids to watch their father's charity polo match (alongside Meghan and Archie) and let the kids run around for most of the time. She also brought Charlotte up in front of a huge crowd at the King's Cup Regatta, though Charlotte then stuck her tongue out and sent everyone into a hilarious tizzy. But Meghan hasn't been so inclined to show her son the royal life.

Meghan and Harry have kept Archie extremely sheltered

Meghan and Harry are doing their best to raise Archie as a
private citizen, and who can blame them? With all of the negative press they've
received, there isn't anything wrong with wanting to shelter their son from the
same thing. However, keeping Archie too
sheltered from his true royal ties
might not be good for him, either.

At the polo match with Kate and her kids, Meghan was never photographed without Archie in her hands. She carried him for the whole day, preventing him from playing with his cousins. And there have been hardly any instances of Meghan and Harry allowing their young son to socialize with other family members. We never hear about Archie spending time with others or even leaving Windsor Castle to spend time with his cousins, for that matter.

Not allowing Archie to socialize could do more harm than good

Meghan and Harry are likely apprehensive about bringing
Archie into the spotlight after everything they've been through, but not
allowing him to develop social relationships – even at such a young age – could
be detrimental
. Though Archie is
young, Meghan and Harry appear to be on a path that will keep him from spending
much time with those around him. And as he grows, his social habits will play
an even larger role in his life. With Harry and William at odds and very few
close friends allowed around the royal family, it's becoming concerning that
the Sussexes aren't opening more doors for their son to interact with the

William and Kate allowed the press to attend George and
Charlotte's first day of school, which is important, since the kids need to
adjust to growing up in the spotlight and might as well start young. Hopefully
Meghan and Harry will expose their son to the royal way of life sooner rather
than later, or he could have trouble developing those skills later in life.

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