What is happening with the Rune moving towards Lake Loot?


Game events are gaining momentum! A new rune is moving slowly across the ground toward the lake.

The rune takes damage from players and is synchronized with a larger server, so that all players can reduce damage slowly.

Like the iceberg on the island in season 7, this damage will begin to increase rapidly, as more players dedicate their matches to the rune. Here's what it looks like when it moves:

Unlike the iceberg, which could only be damaged by picks, this rune takes damage from all types of weapons according to the Twitter responses. The most effective are apparently canons and boomboxes, which can cause more than a thousand damages quickly.

The rune appeared this morning and moves two meters for every 100,000,000 damage. That sounds like a lot, but right now the rune is moving almost constantly.

Someone who is better at math than I calculate the distance to Loot Lake and how fast the rune will reach it on its current path.

According to this mathematics, the rune must arrive at Loot Lake today around 3:550 pm ET.

So, what will happen when the rune reaches the serving lake?

Great big question type Mitch. We can not be sure, of course, but we have some theories.

Lately we have received more clues about the possibility of Kevin's return. Season 5 players will remember the giant purple cube sinking into Loot Lake and transforming it into a trampoline. (Please bring the bouncing lake back)

Lucas7Yoshi, a Fortnite leaker, has an interesting theory based on something he saw in the game archives.

That would make a lot of sense as Epic enjoyed slowly releasing facets of events into games that would create something.

What exactly is in Loot Lake is still under debate. We expect Kevin to include Kevin in some way, but people also theorized that it is Shield of Captain America.

Avengers: Endgame comes out exactly one week from today and we already know that Thanos is coming back for a future LTM.

Perhaps Epic has a larger planned activation around this new movie using other characters in the Marvel universe.

What do you think is about to go down in the lake?


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