Tuesday , November 19 2019
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Trump again appeals House subpoena for his tax returns from Mazars

Trump lost his attempt to stop the House subpoena of accounting firm Mazars USA before a trial-level judge and 2-1 before an appellate panel. Trump's attempts to prevent Congress' subpoena power.

The subpoena of Mazars, still halted in the appeals process, is one of several attempts by the House to dig up more financial records of Trump's. This subpoena was for eight years of documents held by his accounting firm.

Trump has also asked the appeals court to keep his case on a slow timeline and pause the subpoena as they consider his arguments, potentially preventing his accounting firm from turning over documents to the House for the foreseeable future.

Trump's legal team also noted their wish that the Supreme Court considers questions about the House subpoena of his records.

"This Court should deny the Committee's motion to expedite," his attorneys wrote Thursday. "Expediting the mandate would immediately dissolve the parties 'agreement to stay enforcement of the subpoena, moot this case, irrevocably destroy Plaintiffs' confidentiality rights, short circuit the bank case, and deny the Supreme Court an opportunity to hear this appeal."
The court that could decide the future of Trump's presidency

"None of these issues have been settled because this is the first time a congressional committee has subpoenaed the personal records of a sitting President from before he was in office," Trump's legal team added. "It is also the first time a congressional committee has issued a subpoena, under its legislative powers, to investigate the President for illegal conduct.

They added: "If every committee chairman is going to have this unbounded authority, the Supreme Court should be the one to say so."

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