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Like every Saturday, we offer you our selection of the best new apps of the week. What's in store for us this time? The answer is in our article, which presents applications and games of all kinds.


This famous SEGA game has been a long time coming to our countries, but it is finally available. This is a soccer management game to which some classic RPG elements have been added. So you need to be organized and strategic to lead your club to success: you start out as a small manager and do what you can to develop your team and career. It is a fun game that will entertain children and adults.

You can download this game from the Play Store.

Easy DND

DND refers here to "Do Not Disturb", i. and. Do not disturb mode. The application allows you to enable / disable and configure the different settings very easily, and of course you do not need to enter the parameters. The interface is colorful and very intuitive, that's the purpose of the application.

Note, however, that it is not yet published, so it may contain some bugs. In addition, it is only available for smartphones running the Android Pie (and future Q devices), which in the current chaos of fragmentation is problematic because only a minority of Android users will not be able to benefit from it.

androidpit easy dnd

A colorful interface. / © ANDROIDPIT

You can download this game from the Play Store.

Metal Infinite Slug: Idle Game

We have another RPG game here, but this time from a completely different type. Here is the fight that is the most important and if you are familiar with the universe of Metal Slug, you will find characters that you may have encountered in previous games. So you control your troops and have to defeat your enemies, a very simple scenario in theory, but this one has a particular charm, especially in terms of the graphics that can attract the eyes, while they are very different from what you would expect from a game. of this type.

You can download this game from the Play Store.


This app lets you take your photos and adjust them a bit to make them lively. An image is more explicit than words, so I invite you to watch the video below, which has the merit of showing the full potential of this app in just over 30 seconds. The application is not very complicated, but you have to try step by step. In any case, young and old (and especially those who like to post on social networks) will appreciate this application.

You can download this game from the Play Store.

Eat yourself

Your parents may have told you that showing your tongue is rude, but in this game, you can forget all this because the goal is to stretch your tongue to get as many balls as possible. Be careful, your tongue should not touch the other red elements, otherwise the game is lost. The game is fun and not necessarily difficult, but that's not the difficulty we're looking for here.

You can download this game from the Play Store.

If you created an application, please feel free to contact us to introduce it. Do not hesitate to recommend it to us by comment or private message, the only condition is that the application should be recent. Also, please note that you can find more apps on our forum.

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