This fan of "Game of Thrones" predicted the end of the Battle of Winterfell a year ago


Warning: Contains stabby spoilers for The Game of Thrones Season 8, episode three.

The Battle of Winterfell seemed to divide much of The Game of Thrones fans. Many people loved it. Others thought it was a little disappointing. Some basically could not see.

But in spite of his thoughts on the episode itself, one thing seems very easy to agree: the result was certainly a amazing 1.

Many people hoped that the King of the Night – who had been bred to be the ultimate adversary of the show – would triumph in battle. Not many predicted how, or when, he would die.

Or them?

Yes, it turns out that at least one Redditor basically hit squares – and they made the prediction a year ago.

Here is his theory in its entirety:

Okay, so those things about the dragonglass are not confirmed. But everything else – from Arya killing the Night King with the dagger to Bran, knowing that this would happen – is almost perfect.

Excellent job.

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