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The Sick Truth Behind The South African Lion Hunting Industry [Video] – 2oceansvibe.com

I will never understand the desire to shoot and kill a lion (or most other animals), but there are places in Africa, such as the Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe, where most of the income for wildlife conservation comes from trophy hunting.

Still, I find the practice abominable at best, and then there is hunting for the canned lion. As part of an investigation dubbed "Project Simba," which was funded by Lord Ashcroft, a prominent British politician and philanthropist, the truth has now been exposed.

According to Business Insider, based on research findings, "up to 200 farms in South Africa breed lions for such high quality trophy hunts":

It stretched over a year and involved "former special forces and security officers" who infiltrated lions in South Africa, Ashcroft said.

His team has found a thriving lions business in captivity, Ashcroft said, including "green fighters" where lions are cast with a sedative before for a trophy shot. Another aspect of the business, he says, is the creation of crosses of lions and tigers, ligers and tigons in order to accelerate growth and therefore have heavier bones to sell in the thriving traditional medicine market in China and in the Southeast. Asia.

It is true – a crossed tiger can achieve the same bone weight at age three than a lion at age nine, so all birth defects and other problems accompany it.

(Owners of pug, you might want to stay out.)

Here's Ashcroft:

"By allowing such barbaric practice, the South African government is undermining the reputation of a country that values ​​its position on the international scene after apartheid," he said in a statement.

You'd better squeeze yourself and prepare for an increased blood pressure before you watch this:

Sick in my stomach.

Ashcroft has launched a new website – https://www.lordashcroftwildlife.com/ – detailing the full conclusions of its investigation.

Humans, man.


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