The root fights mental health in May


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Today, May 1st, marks the first of May, when we honor the world's workers, and also marks the beginning of the Mental Health Awareness Month.

Here at The Root, we take Mental Health seriously, and we intend to give our readers not only stories they can relate to but provide them with information they, their families or someone they love can use; Most importantly, we are here to move forward in the conversation, whether around new ways of looking at our mental health, advances in treatment and even how mental health is linked to social justice.

We know that anxiety – collective and individual – is at the peak of all time. The reasons are manifold: that man in the White House; the constant and negative news cycle; even social media. Suicide rates are high for our children and teenagers, and many of us are suffering in silence. But there is hope, and we as a community are in a good place – where some of the stigmas of talking and receiving treatment are slowly diminishing.

This month we will report on parity – which is a push to make insurers treat and finance mental health as physical health; healers in our community who are treating mental health in various ways; the mental health of caregivers; mental health and trauma; surviving suicide; and much more.

So be aware of the incredible content of our team and other people, and look forward to sharing our work with you.


The Root Team


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