Thursday , February 25 2021

The new Outlook design for Microsoft iOS is now available to everyone

Microsoft released a new Outlook for the iOS project in December, complete with new animations and a departure from the traditional blank design. Although beta testers have access for more than a month, the new design is being deployed for everyone who uses Outlook for iOS today. The most notable change will be the immediate blue bar at the top of the application, but most of the design work is very subtle.

You'll now be prompted to set up custom slip actions when you first use them, and there will be a new favorite folder feature to improve email management and archiving. Microsoft also enabled avatars in the main Outlook inbox for iOS, making it easy to query and locate contact emails. These small improvements extend to show your calendar online in an email when you receive a calendar invitation or show recent contacts and search queries in the search part of the application.

Microsoft is also working in a dark mode for Outlook Mobile, but this will not be part of today's update and is planned for a future release. You can download the latest Outlook update for iOS from the Apple App Store.

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