The hotel Taco Bell is real and for $ 169 you can reserve a room


Wait, can I buy this pillow? And that art?

taco bell

It sounds silly, but what most excites me is the Taco Bell hotel this summer. (And yes, my friends and family warned me about the dangers of my love from TBell.) While staying at the hotel, explore, and I'm sure hella? grammable, activities will include the brand's Freeze Lounge, "diving movies" (which I assume means watching pool classics), live artist presentations on TBell's Feed the Beat list, a salon offering "nail art inspired by taco "and more unannounced events.

If the brand pop-up on Comic-Con for the demolition man birthday was no indication, we can expect this hotel to be fully decorated. And if the large amount of money spent giving Xboxes inspired by the Taco Bell is any indication, I'd say no expense will be spared here.

The best news is that we now know it actually exists! We have photos, we have an address and we have dates.

When: The hotel is open from 8 August to 12 August.

At where: Palm Springs, California. The hotel will have 70 rooms that you can book with one or two queen or king size beds, some with views of the pool. The price starts at $ 169 (about £ 133, AU $ 244) for one night.

What to eat: We will not know until July, but I'd take tacos and burritos, quesadillas and maybe even some Nacho fries.

As: You can make reservations officially to the mythical hotel nearby Thursday, June 27, at 10am. PT.

Because: Because Taco Bell is hiding the hotel, right?

It is unclear why you may need to bookmark the site and set a million alarms for what will now be called TBell Day 2019 only.


Seriously, are these floats for sale? What else can I buy here?

taco bell


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