The Best Video Game April Fools Day Gags Of 2019



It is at this time of year to roll through your regular news feed with a smile or a sigh – yes, April 1, once again produced a series of porky pie-based video games to shotgun. While we did briefly Flirting with the idea of ​​announcing the Nintendo Lite Switch, we decided against it – mainly because the industry at the moment is producing so many balls that not even the most exaggerated rumors can be discarded. Exclusive Xbox One Lifetime Console Cuphead coming to the Nintendo Switch! You better believe it.

Below, we've put together the best jokes related to Nintendo and the wider world of video games. Twitter is the preferred platform for these jokes and japas, but you'll find much more information by following the links inside. With the world spinning, we are sure there will be more emergence in the coming hours, as people in the Americas wake up – be sure to update with the most selective cuts as and when they come.

Ready to laugh? Ready to moan? Here we go!

Square Kirby?

It looks like HAL actually went to town with Kirby this year – check out his site for some Kirby cuboid goodness where his official artwork has been replaced.

And round Qbby?

Replying to Kirby on a tweet, Qbby (HAL 3DS Hero BOXBOY! trilogy and the next BOXBOY! + BOXGIRL!) seems to have found the rose for some drinks (it can really put them away!), if it went very well, one thing led to another and …


Photobombs of Ash Pokémon GO

PlatinumGames enters into the self-publishing business

New Monster Hunters for Nintendo Switch

We got a little excited about this one.

Rabbids invade for honor

Strange, that. Mainly because it's really happening (for 24 hours).

The good old days of Worms in … Teletext?

New 18 teraflop console announced

Its for an insignificant $ 15,000:

New Elite Sniper Announced

Oh, it's all good fun! Have any of these caught your attention, even for a second? Let us know in the comments.


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