Tesla opened an Amazon store to spread its fangs everywhere – TechCrunch


Tesla has had a good merch business for years thanks to its fervent base of owners and fans who are enthusiasts of the company and its CEO, Elon Musk.

But so far, Tesla branded items – from water bottles and hats to jackets, chargers and a once surfboard – have been sold on the carmaker's own website.

Tesla expanded its ambitions and opened a store on Amazon. (A reader took TechCrunch to the store; however, the story was first reported by Electrek). Tesla confirmed the store's opening earlier this week.

It should be noted that for now, the store on Amazon is not as robust as the Tesla site. However, there are at least two items that can only be found on the Amazon page: an iPhone 8+ case and a Tesla iPhone X folio case. There are no prices listed for items and they are "unavailable" at the moment.

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In fact, all items in the store are "unavailable."

It is not clear when these items will be back in stock or why they are not available now. Has the company run out? Simply could not make the items available? So many questions.

Tesla merchandise, especially special items, tend to sell quickly. For example, Tesla's surfboard cost $ 1,500 in one day. However, the mini Tesla models sold in the Amazon store appear to be in stock on Tesla's website. Let's update the story when the mystery is solved.


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