Taco Bell employee in Largo tested positive for Hepatitis A in December 2018


PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. – Another Taco Bell worker in Pinellas County tested positive for hepatitis A, the I-Team revealed.

The I-Team discovered a worker at Taco Bell at 8671 Ulmerton Road in Largo tested positive for hepatitis A in December 2018. Last week the I-Team discovered an employee of Taco Bell at 40976 US Highway 19 North in Tarpon Springs tested positive for hepatitis A, according to an email sent by the Pinellas County Health Department to the state.


A corporate spokesman for Taco Bell has issued the following statement via e-mail:

"We can confirm that the Largo, FL local operator found that one of the team members had been diagnosed on December 6, 2018. The franchisee began working with Taco Bell and health workers immediately, following the lead of the department of Health of Pinellas County. . The restaurant was fully sanitized and all staff members were vaccinated at the time. "

Earlier Monday, I-Team discovered a food handler in

Ulele along the Tampa Riverwalk tested positive for hepatitis A

in February, according to state records. On the same day, the I-Team also discovered that Jimmy's Fish House in Clearwater Beach had a worker with a confirmed case of Hepatitis A in March while Tony's Pizzeria in Clearwater had a positive worker test at November 2018.

Team I asked Pinellas County Health Director Dr. Ulyee Choe why clients are not always alerted.

"We follow the CDC protocols and it is always recommended that co-workers be vaccinated," Choe told ABC Action News on Monday. "Again, we only make this public notification when it is a health threat."

Choe said his department inspects these restaurants with state inspectors to review handwashing practices and sanitary conditions before deciding which companies to name and release to the public.

"If it rises to the level and is considered a public health risk, it's when we make a public notice," Choe told ABC Action News on Monday.

The Pinellas County Health Department is offering hepatitis A vaccines to the public at no cost at multiple vaccination centers. For more information about where you can get these free vaccinations in Pinellas County,

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. Other counties in Florida, including Hillsborough, also offer free or discounted Hepatitis A vaccines to insured persons.

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For more information on hepatitis A and federal government guidelines, visit:


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