T-Mobile is offering a free Apple Watch Series 4 or iPad for new customers on Cyber ​​Monday – BGR


Black Friday's first deals, as well as the Black Friday event, have brought us a lot of bargains on Apple gadgets, but the Apple Watch Series 4 has not been included in any promotion since most retailers have offered customers' offers on models last year. However, if you're looking for a significant discount on the latest Apple Watch and do not mind switching to T-Mobile, check out the Cyber ​​Monday 2018 sale for a limited time from your carrier.

T-Mobile announced on Sunday that it will offer buyers who join T-Mobile a free Apple Watch or an iPad. That means $ 529.99 in savings, which will be distributed in more than 24 monthly credits. Needless to say you owe all the remaining payments on the "free device" if you cancel your service before you pay.

The Apple Watch Series 4 is the best free privilege you can choose, but the Apple Watch Series 3 or the sixth generation iPad are also included in the promotion. Whatever you choose, you'll have to stay with T-Mobile for two years to enjoy the savings, as we mentioned. You'll also need to enable a qualifying data row for your new clock or tablet, plus a voice line. This means that you will receive mobile versions of Apple Watch or iPad.

Offer is only available on Cyber ​​Monday, so you'll need to hurry. See more details about it. T-Mobile also has other Cyber ​​Monday sales that closely resemble Black Friday 2018 promotions. We are seeing free phones, including many of the best phones this year, as long as you activate 24- or 36-month payment plans and negotiate with an older smartphone. Here's the full Cyber ​​Monday offer from T-Mobile.


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