Monday , June 14 2021

Shooting outside the Texas church leaves 1 dead person: authorities

A search was under way in the Cypress area of ​​Houston on Thursday night by a man who was reportedly killed by his wife and seriously injured her daughter far from a Roman Catholic church.

The suspect, identified as Arthur Edigin, 62, allegedly walked to the passenger side of the vehicle where the women were sitting outside the Cristo Redentor Catholic Church and fired up to six shots, the county Sheriff's Office Harris, Cpt. Marcus Kinnard-Bing said during a news conference tonight.

The 66-year-old woman was believed to have been the woman who had separated from the suspect and the injured 31-year-old woman was considered her estranged daughter, Kinnard-Bing said. Police believe the incident resulted from a domestic dispute.

Authorities tweeted a photo and said that they were looking for Edigin in connection with the shooting. The man was described by the sheriff's office as being one meter and four and "driving a white suburban of 08" with front panel damaged front right.

The church area was "under control," the sheriff's office said.

There were about 100 people inside the church at the time of the shooting, police said. Churchgoers were allowed to leave the church after it was initially blocked.


A local mother told KTRK-TV in Houston that her husband and children were inside the church during the blockade. Pam Ledesma's spouse warned that they were located inside a gym locker and were praying the rosary, she said on the way out.

"It's crazy to see things like that happen, number one in a church, and I know we live in Houston, but at the same time, I mean, I do not know what kind of person would do it in a church when people are just trying to pray at night, "Ledesma told KTRK.

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