See OnePlus 6T in an unpublicized Thunder Purple color variant


OnePlus certainly likes to keep things fresh when it comes to the company's already compelling smartphone color choices, making headlines over the past two years with Lava Red, Sandstone White, Silk White and Amber Red coated limited edition devices.

Like the OnePlus 6, the new hot 6T is available as standard only in the Mirror Black and Midnight Black variants, but a third, much thinner model appears to be right around the corner. Thanks to a little-known blog named Mr. Gizmo (cool name, by the way), we can check out the OnePlus 6T "Purple Thunder" in all its glory today in a quartet of high quality casting press releases.
There is absolutely no doubt in our mind that these images are legitimate, showing the beautiful backs, front and sides of a device that you probably will not be able to buy from T-Mobile in the USA. That would obviously be awesome, but knowing OnePlus, that beauty is bound to hit a limited number of limited stock markets, at least in the beginning.

While it's hard not to think about Huawei's gradient designs when looking at these promotional images of this unprecedented OnePlus 6T option, it would not be fair to call the phone from an imitator. These are some very unique tones that the 6T is rocking, ranging from a dark violet to something more like lavender.

In addition, we probably all agree that more smartphone manufacturers need to "tear" the gradient effect to help next-generation mobile devices shine (figuratively and literally).

It remains to be seen whether this is the only additional color option planned for OnePlus 6T or whether there may also be a red or white version in the pipeline. By the way, there are no words on a release date of the Purple Thunder yet, but an official announcement could drop at any time.


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