Red Dead Redemption 2, a month later


Red Dead Redemption 2 is out for a month, which is more or less the time Arthur Morgan stumbles from Valentine to Saint Denis. The blockbuster western was defined by pre-release controversy, but the critical and fan response has been strong. The trip was short, but the road had some occasional bumps. Here's what happened since launch.

  • Red Dead Redemption 2 officially launches on October 26. Reviewers, including KotakuKirk Hamilton, praise the game's attention to detail and its strong character performance, even as lingering questions about the color discussion of Rockstar's working conditions. It grossed $ 725 million over the weekend's launch, making it the biggest premiere weekend in the history of entertainment.
  • Some players who download the digital edition find themselves with extremely long download times as the game's raw size – incredible 92,742 GB – leaves all the major Internet access speeds, with the exception of the larger ones.
  • Players are attracted Red Dead Redemption 2The worldand impressions range from positive to critical. Some are attracted to certain NPCs or taking intense and hunted assaults. Others, like me, enjoy the quieter moments, but worry about things that feel a little too much like a playground. After all, you can not pet the cats!
  • Players find insects, including some savages that knock down NPCs from the sky, turn people around and create strange people with pretzels. These are fortunately rare.
  • My colleague Tim Rogers prepares to grow the largest beard possible in the game. It is a process that involves drinking lots of tonics and leaving Arthur indigent, but he ends up getting a decent look from Grizzly Adams.
  • After almost a month without information beyond "sometime in November" Rockstar finally announces a closed beta for Red Dead Online. Players who bought Ultimate Edition can start multiplayer tomorrow, launch day players can sign in on Wednesday, and players who bought the game from October 27 to 29 can play on Thursday. Everyone needs to wait until Friday to walk with their pack.

And that's where we are. Red Dead Redemption 2 dominated the discussion, from minor-case reports to larger AAA design issues. As the game expands, players will undoubtedly cause problems Red Dead Online and discover more hidden secrets. From mystery and online jokes to thoughts and more, we'll talk about this game – the good and the bad – for a long time.


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