r / Games is closing for the day of the lie, and here's why


r / Games, one of the largest gaming communities on the internet, is ending on April Fool's Day. In a post posted on the popular sudoddit today, mods explained that they are taking things "a little more seriously" this year, and that means shutting down / r / Games for the day.

"In recent times, it has come to our attention that what was planned to be a forum for the potential dissemination of knowledge and involvement in video games has become a battleground of conflicting ideas," explained the mods. "Usually this is not a problem, argument by its very nature is right to bring argument, but when this argument descends into vitriolic attacks between individuals on a regular basis, with no chance of de-escalating, that is when, simply, something has to give . "

Mods went on to say that R / Games is becoming "increasingly responsible" for perpetuating "combative and derogatory schools of thought" around misogyny, transphobia, homophobia and racism, among other things. "Now is the time to stop the flow of regressive ideas and prevent them from becoming the norm," said the mods.

"While certain memes (such as" players stand up ") are widely viewed as a humorous interpretation of a mentality, the core of humor is a set of very serious issues that affect all gaming enthusiasts," explained . "By showing disdain or openly rejecting minority and marginalized communities, we have become more insular, in which we lose the chance not only to show compassion to these people, but also the chance to develop our own community and diversify the demographics of these people." involved in it. "

While mods take action against perpetrators by removing comments and banishing bad actors, an underlying fundamental question persists: "the notion that it is acceptable or acceptable to ridicule and demonize traditionally marginalized and marginalized members in the gaming community," said mods. "This is not just a problem in Games or Reddit alone, it's a deeply rooted issue in the depths of the internet, often in communities that focus on games."

The mods continued to say that they continually see "condescending, contemptuous, vindictive and pessimistic attitudes" at Games, and have posted examples of some of the problematic comments and topics they regularly witness. "We should closely examine our own communities in an effort to encourage acceptance and inclusion to promote a healthy community in which we value empathy and respect."

Although there are many deep issues, say the mods, there are also reasons to be optimistic.

"While the industry as a whole has undergone a lot of trials and tribulations, we are also fortunate to be at a point in time where there seems to be a surfeit of fantastic games, from the top AAA titles to almost anonymous. indie that come out of nowhere.

"So let's delight in what's available to us, and also appreciate the myriad origins that we as gamers come in. Our differences of experience understand the diversity in the content we consume and by allowing us to appreciate those differences, we perspectives and interpretations, this applies not only to games, but to life as a whole. "

On this Day of Lies, r / Games mods are asking people to consider contributing to charities that support LGBT +, women's health, POC, and other groups. You can see a complete list of charities and find out how to support them in this Reddit post.

R / Games should be reopened on April 2, and on that day the mods will discuss the decision to close the subreddit.


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