& Quot; Severely Ill & # 39; Axl Rose refuses to cancel Guns N 'Roses Show


Axl Rose fought through a Guns and Roses In Abu Dhabi, last night (November 26), after telling the audience, he was suffering from nausea in the hours leading up to the show.

While the band has been offering three-hour sets on their "Not in This Lifetime" tour, the show was stopped (by their standards) after 16 songs, as Rose ran out of tolerance, although he managed to squeeze most of the tracks. would have waited, starting with "It's So Easy" and including "Welcome to the Jungle" and "Sweet Child O" Mine, then ending with "November Rain." "They put me on IVs and a lot of injections because I got sick today," he said at the outset. "I've been throwing up in the last five hours. Instead of canceling, let's do the best show we can for you. "

You can watch Rose explaining her situation below:

Then two of his bandmates commented on the situation. Hitting tweeted, "Abu Dhabi, you were great tonight!" Axl was gravely ill, but all of you were extremely supportive.Thank you for it.We will see it again next time! Duff McKagan said: "Thank you Abu Dhabi! Axl Rose did a damn miracle … the man was beyond evil and took something I've never seen in my 40 years of playing. You all pulled him through. To the next!

The show is linked to the final event of this year's Formula 1 race season, won by Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton, who had already secured his fifth world championship in an earlier race. After his last win, Slash said: "Congratulations to Lewis Hamilton for today's victory in Abu Dhabi and for the # 5 championship! Fuck you too much.



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