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PS5 games that we think may already be in development

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Could any PS4 game transition announced for the PS5?

By Jonathon Dornbush

While the next-gen discussion continues to point us to what we can expect from PS5 and Next-Xbox, a new report suggests that Sony's early efforts are now focusing primarily on PS5.

Of course we still have three great games announced for the PS4, but if Sony is doubling the next generation efforts, these games could be jumping to the next generation?

We decided to take a look at which first and third-party games we already know are in development for the PS4 are probably already in production for the PS5 (possibly cross-generation or with efforts focused only on the next generation), even if we do not have necessarily rushing through Sony's next generation console.

The last of us part 2

One of Sony's first three announced the PS4 without the release windows, The Last of Us Part 2 seems to be the most likely candidate for a jump to the PS5. We only saw a small slice of gameplay, and we know that already this year, Naughty Dog was hiring various positions to work on the design of the planned sequence. And, with the weight of the expectation behind this, this is a Sony does not want to rush out the door.

The original The Last of Us is still one of the most celebrated games of last generation, and continues to be an important point of reference for the right way to tell a story in a big budget video game. The sequel is much more of a Sony. will want to launch when ready, rather than one that needs to be rushed to reach a key release window.

Phantom of Tsushima

Another of the first-rate games announced by Sony, but undated, Sucker Punch's Ghost of Tsushima had a full presentation at E3 2018, but in addition to a previously released teaser trailer, the next Infamous title is very much in mystery. It certainly seems to be another game that Sony is willing to show when it's ready, rather than constantly putting it to the point of supersaturation.

And Ghost of Tsushima certainly seems ambitious. Its performance at E3 has created a wonderful world, which is likely to benefit from any technical upgrades and stability that come with next-generation hardware. Sucker Punch has been quiet since Infamous Second Son and First Light debuted early in the PS4 life cycle, and while it's good to see the developer come in with a next-generation release, Ghost can be a demo impressive of how beautiful games can look on the PS5.

And while we're thinking that Ghost and The Last of Us Part 2 can make the leap, we think that Death Stranding could definitely make it home on PS4. Knowing that Kojima showed the game to Guerrilla Games, Guillermo Del Toro expected to see the gameplay in 2017/2018, and several other supposed accounts of the progress of the game, let's guess that the latest Hideo Kojima is released before the next PlayStation console.

Cyberpunk 2077

The first E3 of Cyberpunk 2077 showed that almost everyone assumed that the open CD adventure of the CD Projekt Red, layered, dense and varied, would be a next generation title, but the developer at the time said that it intends to release it in consoles. .

Even with that official word coming to us last year, Cyberpunk seems to be a good candidate to make the leap to PS5. Depending on how long the Projekt Red CD continues to develop Cyberpunk – and it seems like it is not in a hurry – it may make sense to focus, or indeed, the development on the most powerful hardware. After all, Cyberpunk is under development for PC as well.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Final Fantasy 7 Remake does not come this generation. Even if it was announced in 2015, there was a developmental shake-up that returned the project. Director Tetsuya Nomura told IGN at E3 2018 that his focus has been on both Kingdom Hearts 3 lately, pushing Final Fantasy 7 into the background.

Given all we know about its development, the FF7 Remake is absolutely not coming up to at least the PS5. The only question, really, is whether it will be shipped to PS6 (2027 is not that far away).

Beyond good and evil 2

Ubisoft has been very transparent with the development cycle of Beyond Good & Evil 2 after the announcement of E3 2017. Thanks to live broadcasts and various development updates, we certainly know that BG & E2 is progressing but with its huge ambition and a beta aimed towards the end of 2019, a release date before the end of 2020 seems unlikely. Given this time, our best guesses for when new consoles will be released and the clear technical efforts of sequencing the cult classic, it makes sense to develop the next generation of consoles.

Nioh 2

Announced with a short trailer at E3 2018, Sony's exclusive franchise, Nioh, is ready to return … at some point. And with the window closing in the life cycle of PS4, why not insure exclusives that play in a smaller and dedicated part of the installation base to give them the incentive to pick up the PS5? We have not seen anything else from NIOH 2 out of this ad, and having it in between the PS5 launch library can be an attractive exclusive to attract new buyers.

Avengers Project

Square Enix and Marvel Games have been extraordinarily quiet about this title, which brings with it great potential for connection. While other Marvel Games releases have been released and announced (Marvel's Spider-Man and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, respectively), The Avengers Project is still an unknown quantity.

And if Marvel and Square are willing to give the time that huge franchise needs, it makes sense to take such a famous title to the next generation. This would not only give these consoles a huge, licensed name to function at the beginning, but would also give the game enough distance from the pop culture juggernauts, who are the Avengers Infinity War and Endgame.

Elder Scrolls VI / Starfield

We already know that Bethesda's ambitious open-world RPGs are in development for next-generation hardware, but they wanted to reiterate it. Bethesda RPGs will certainly be able to take advantage of next generation hardware, but it will be interesting to see if Bethesda increases the size of the worlds against the density of gaming opportunities within them.

For more information on the top games without any release dates, check out the gallery below to see 12 of the biggest games announced that we do not know for sure when they are coming.

Jonathon Dornbush is the news editor for IGN, PlayStation leader and host of IGN's weekly PlayStation show, Beyond! Talk to him about what you expect to play on PS5 and other future space systems on Twitter @jmdornbush.

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