PS5: as many orders placed in 12 hours as PS4 orders in 12 weeks in the USA


Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan said the demand for the PlayStation 5 appears to be “very considerable” based on the number of pre-orders in the United States. Ryan spoke to Reuters about consumer demand for PS5 on October 27 and said: “The demand as expressed by the pre-order level has been very, very considerable.” Ryan said that Sony pre-sold so many PS5s in the first 12 pre-sales hours in the United States when sold in the first 12 weeks of pre-sales on PlayStation 4.

Initial PS5 console analysis, size comparison

Although Ryan does not say any specific numbers when it comes to PS5 orders, it can be inferred that the number must be quite high. The exact PS4 pre-order numbers are not known, but we know that it exceeded 1 million pre-orders worldwide in July 2013, which is four months before the console’s release, and more than 1 million PS4s were sold within the first 24 hours after launch. If the PS5 pre-order numbers in the first 12 hours match the first 12 weeks of PS4 pre-order, we would not be surprised if the PS5 pre-order number is approaching or exceeding 1 million in the USA.

Ryan said that it might happen that not everyone who wants to buy a PS5 on launch day can actually find one to buy. However, there will be more PS5s at launch than PS4s at launch, according to Sony. He said Sony is “working as hard as it can” to put PS5s on store shelves for holiday shopping near the end of the year.The SIE CEO also told Reuters that he will continue to grow his primary studio base organically and that Sony will add to its lineup “where we can strengthen our internal capacity with mergers and selective acquisitions (mergers and acquisitions) that may be possible.”

Ryan said all of that on the same day that the first PS5 previews were released and you can check IGN’s PS5 coverage here. Read about our PS5 unpacking experience and then watch us unpack the PS5 DualSense controller and all other PS5 accessories. Check out our hands-on preview with Astro’s Playroom after that to find out why we think DualSense is a fun evolution of PlayStation control.

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