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Not happy forever in "The False Bride" – Variety

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read if you have not yet watched "The False Bride", the third episode of "Outlander" Season 4.

After passing the first two episodes of Season Four exclusively with Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie (Sam Heughan) in the New World, "Outlander" is finally checking out what Brianna (Sophie Skelton) and Roger (Richard Rankin) were doing in the the 70's.

Roger sold his father's house in Inverness to his father's housekeeper, Fiona (Iona Claire) and her husband, then left for America to perform at a Scottish festival in North Carolina. He stopped in Boston first to see Brianna and she accompanied him on his journey south. These two were obviously in love with each other and had a wonderful time dancing and joining the festival, but things took a sour course that night.

Roger asked Brianna to marry him and she said no because she was not ready for that kind of engagement – but she wanted to sleep with him anyway and Roger was indignant. "You do not want to marry me, but will you fuck me?" He threw her in the face, adding that if all he wanted was to have sex, he'd have her back a dozen times. already. It was not one of Roger's best moments and he got a slap on Brianna for it. It was probably very shocking to readers who are not books. Readers may remember that this fight happens almost verbatim in the book, so the screenwriters of the show did not make Roger a horrible guy for no reason. But he was being a total hypocrite – he'd slept with girls before and still wanted Brianna to be saved for the wedding. She correctly pointed at him as he sounded insane and he left.

One thing to keep in mind – this story is not only nearly 50 years in the past, when the liberation of women was still in its infancy, but Roger was raised by a Scottish reverend and Brianna was raised by Claire in America. These are two very different perspectives regarding sex and intimacy. This does not excuse Roger's behavior here at all, but it does provide some context.

Anyway, Bree was understandably annoyed that Roger was so cruel to her – honestly, he was lucky to meet him and wanted to talk things over. But she did and tried to explain to him that she is not sure she wants to get married, not after her parents exchanged wedding vows and yet Claire went on to find the love of her life with another man. Roger was still too bad for her about it – Roger apparently has a hard time seeing situations from any perspective other than his own – and that's how the young couple dropped off when they flew back to the UK.

Meanwhile, in 1767, Claire and Jamie decided that they could not take River Run from Jocasta (Maria Doyle Kennedy), which disappointed her a lot. She seemed to not only like to have a man around who was not trying to marry her and take her plantation, but she also looked terribly lonely and probably enjoyed the company of Jamie, Claire and Ian (John Bell). But she still kindly provided them with supplies, a guide in John Quincy Myers (Kyle Rees) and Clarence the Donkey (book readers, rejoice!) As they set out for a town where many Scottish immigrants had settled. Jocasta also gave Jamie one last special gift – the silver candelabra of his late mother Ellen. Jocasta also gave Claire a "gift", giving her an idea of ​​how Jamie should be a laird, not a printer. Claire became annoyed with the woman making statements about them after meeting them for three days, but Jocasta was not wrong.

Jamie's plan was to send Ian back to Scotland, but Ian made a strong argument about everything he faced and how he wanted to stay with them in the United States; Jamie gave in quickly and left. Ian quickly had a real taste of frontier life when Myers took him to negotiate with a nearby Cherokee tribe.

That left Claire and Jamie alone in the woods, which featured viewers Otter Tooth (Trevor Carroll), a notable character from the book about which you will hear clearly as the series continues. Here he appeared during a violent storm in which Claire was looking for a frightened Clarence the donkey and became disoriented and lost. At first, Claire was uncertain whether Otter-Tooth was a threat or if he was real-that shot of him approaching her as he approached with every flash of lightning was incredible and very scary-but she discovered in the morning that he helped Claire and Jamie meet after the storm has passed. She also discovered that Otter Tooth was the ghost of a man whose skeleton lay nearby and that his silver fillings indicated that he was a time traveler because they were not used in the United States until the 1830s. thing to note: Otter-Tooth had with his skeleton a giant opal without cuts. This will be important down the line.

In the morning, Jamie and Claire found a wild strawberry field and Jamie began mentally planning the house they could do there. It seems that his decision to be an American settler was taken. They decided to accept the governor's offer and create a life for them there. Jamie previously lamented that he had nothing to offer Claire (although we all know that this is not true – they have love and this is too great). But now they have a house. Welcome to Fraser's Ridge.

"Outlander" airs on Sundays at 8pm. in Starz.


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