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Nick Foles may not be worth money Giants will have to pay him

It seems that the Eagles must make a decision regarding Nick Foles in the second week of February, and emotional as it may be, it is very likely that the decision will be to leave the chicken coop, either in a free agency likely) or through negotiation.

This is where the Giants come in. If they are interested in moving ahead of Eli Manning with Bellows – there is no hint that this is the case, but you never know – the chances the Eagles will send him to the Giants at NFC East. they are somewhere between never and never. If the Foles hit the open market, the Giants, if they want, should know that it would cost roughly the same, or maybe even more, to sign the future 30-year Foles, as it would be to keep Manning, 38. , in the list in 2019.

"I like the idea of ​​the Foles, I think he would be a great bridge quarterback," SiriusXM football analyst Greg McElroy, who won a national championship as a quarterback in Alabama, told The Post. "He showed the ability to play well if surrounded by a capable support cast. When he fought was when he was with a group that had no elite talent around him.

"Clearly the giants have guns. Also, knowing the New York offensive line is better, but it's certainly not a position of strength. So maybe you have to get a guy who is a bit more mobile. Bellows is not overly mobile, but probably more mobile than Eli is at this point in his career. I still think the franchisee will have to come by the draft.

Finding Manning's successor in the NFL draft – the Giants are number 6 and Ohio's Dwayne Haskins is considered the best quarterback – is the logical choice. They could keep Manning at a reduced price, find a way to get Haskins and have a veteran quarterback in 2019, just as the bosses had Alex Smith and Patrick Mahomes in 2017.

Last season, Foles took over Carson Wentz and stunned the city of Philadelphia and elsewhere, taking the Eagles to the first Super Bowl triumph in franchise history, earning MVP awards for their work against the Patriots. Last season, Foles again was forced to replace a bruised Wentz and won three straight games to lead the Eagles to the playoffs, then threw the winning touchdown at the last minute of a wildcard game to beat the Bears in Chicago. The song stopped for Foles and the Eagles in Sunday's 20-14 loss to New Orleans.

The Eagles can not keep Belts because he has a $ 20 million option if he is in the 2019 qualifying, and coach Doug Pederson has already decreed Wentz – even if he has not shown the ability to stay healthy and on the field – is quarterback of the Bellows. the present and the future.

If the Eagles choose the option, Foles can pay $ 2 million to the Eagles to get out of the contract, and that's the most likely way to evolve. Foles said he wants to find a team to call his own. Case Keenum, a former Fellow with Rams teammate, hit the market last year and got a $ 36 million two-year ($ 25 million secured) contract from the Broncos. Figures of Bellows to get more than that.

The Eagles could also put the franchise tag on Foles, but that would only be a precursor to trading with him.

Manning is in the books for $ 17 million in salary and $ 23.2 million in salary cap of 2019. He's coming off another losing season, and there's clear evidence that the Giants should turn to the next. Giants certainly know a lot about Bellows. Coach Pat Shurmur was the offensive coordinator in Philadelphia in 2013, when Foles, as the starter, threw 27 touchdown passes and two interceptions and compiled a runner rating of 119.2. Then, Shurmur was there for the development of the oldest NFL of the Fols.

"I've never been a big face Foles," said Dan Shonka, national scout and general manager of scouting service Ourlads. "He had his day at the Super Bowl. But some teams will be stupid enough to overpay because they do not have a quarterback. Bellows is just a guy to me.

Teddy Bridgewater may hit the open market, but the Saints made it clear they would consider re-hiring him, hoping he would be patient enough to wait until Drew Brees decides to retire. Shurmur worked with Bridgewater with the Vikings.

"I do not know if any of these guys are upgraded enough to go out and spend a lot of money on Eli for another year," said Todd McShay, a college football and NFL football analyst. "I'd rather spend more money on continuing to try to improve the offensive line and the defense than going out and spending $ 15 million – the problem with these free agent quarterbacks is that you're spending a lot of money. It's crazy money for basically substitutes quarterbacks which will be used as a starting bridge.I would rather use this money elsewhere to improve the team for two years from now than to continue this cycle of wasting money.

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