New Fortnite leaks reveal details of upcoming Loot Lake event


Another Fortnite patch means more leaks have arrived. A new event is going to Fortnite in the near future.

Each and every Fortnite patch brings new files to leakers and data miners. The new v8.40 update is no exception and contains a multitude of leaked challenges, possible locations, sound files and tips for an event.

Let's dive in and analyze what the community has discovered so far.

New Snow & # 39; Events and & quot; Leak & # 39;

A new event is going to Fortnite sometime in the presumably near future. The commercial name of the mode within the game files is "Snow". It is generic to purposefully keep the miners away from their scent, but they have found it anyway.

We suspect that the two event files are actually referring to the same event, although they can be separated.

Fortnite Data Mining Company Well-Known and Leak @Hypex Put a long sound file for the "Snow" event.

While the event is called "Snow", other sound files point to another event name, possibly based around the new bunker / safe in Loot Lake.

These files are marked "Leaky" and probably refer to the cracking of the vault and the release of Kevin the Cube. This can mean corrupted areas, Shadow Stones and more.

We suggest that you listen to every second of these sound files. It's mostly an ambient sound that seems out of place, but it matches the audio of the game at launch.

Kevin the cube returns?

Well, from these leaks, we start speculating a little bit about what's coming to Fortnite in the coming weeks.

The giant bunker or safe that was discovered below Loot Lake will probably be the center of the next event. We know that Kevin, the Cube, was contained and locked inside the chamber.

Is Kevin the Cube making his vengeful comeback? – via iScenario

The pirates will break the safe, looking for spoils and accidentally drop the Cube into the world again. Thus begins the second terrible reign of the Cube. Or we think.

We suspect this could bring back some elements of the Cube days. These included corrupted areas, Shadow Stones and the Shadowform movement that comes with them.

Remember, all this is speculation and the leaks can be plans that are discarded / changed before the release. We'll have to wait patiently for what's to come, but we're definitely excited. Fortnite could actually use a mass scale event now.


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