NBA Playoffs of 2019: James Harden of the Rockets complains about refereeing after defeat in Game 1 for the Warriors


The Houston Rockets suffered a family loss on Sunday afternoon as they were a little lower against the powerful Golden State Warriors, losing 104-100 in the first game with the Warriors leading the series 1-0.

After the final bell rang, the frustrated James Harden made a little escape at the post-match press conference, complaining about the referee. Specifically, Harden became annoyed with the Warriors invading their landing space after he fired shots.

"I just want a fair shot," Harden said. "We all know what happened a few years ago with Kawhi. Call the game the way it should be called and let's live with the results."

Harden referred to the infamous moment of the Western Conference finals of 2017, when Zaza Pachulia released Kawhi Leonard, leaving him with an ankle injury that kept him off for the rest of the series. That moment not only rocked the series in favor of the Warriors, but opened a broader discussion on the protection of jumper shooters.

This season in particular the league made an emphasis to call the defenders fouls when they did not give a sniper any space to land. As we have seen many times, it can be a dangerous move, which is why mistakes are made even if there is no contact in the play. In game 1 of this series, the Rockets felt that the referees left several of these plays.

In the first half, there were several times when Klay Thompson infringed on Harden's landing space, but was not called for lack. It was this theme that the TV broadcast even brought to the surface.

At the end of the third quarter, there was another play in which Chris Paul made 3, but did not receive the call, then complained to the referee and received a technical assistance. A few moments later, coach Mike D Antoni got a "T" himself.

Finally, in the final seconds, with the Warriors clinging to a three-point lead, Harden believed he suffered Draymond Green's foul in a potential draw shot.

There has been and will continue to be much debate over the last move, since a foul would have given Harden a chance to go to the line and tie the game. However, it is clear that Harden jumps forward, which greatly hinders the referee's decision. To what extent does the area around a shooter's feet extend? It is unclear, and is often left to the referee's judgment.

But after a series of missed calls in similar games throughout the game – D & # 39; Antoni said the press that the referees admitted having lost four calls in the first half alone – it's easy to understand why Harden and the Rockets were upset.

Draymond Green was not having it. After being informed of the comments of Harden, a contemptuous joked"I was knocked over by James on a pointer of 3 before James."


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