Saturday , October 23 2021

NBA 2K19 community angry with seemingly impossible ads


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So, about that $ 3 sale …

Joseph Knoop

NBA 2K19 players are complaining that immovable ads are popping up in the multiplayer basketball game.

In a Reddit topic created on Saturday, Reddit's affiliate affiliate posted a screenshot of an NBA 2K upload screen, along with a caption that said "Ads that can not be signed up for a $ 60 game, [expletive] 2K.

nba 2k19 ad

Loading screen ads is not a new concept in 2K sports games (a useful post on the 2K NBA sudokit explains that you can disable them by turning off 2K TV in game settings), but this influx of complaints on Reddit and social media indicate o Ad rate may have increased. Other Reddit users in the same segment agreed with their thoughts.

"I just experienced it," wrote bobridges34. "Ads on free mobile games are one thing. I already paid for this [expletive]. Is not cool."

It is worth noting that the NBA 2K19 was recently put on sale on various platforms for $ 2.99 or similar, representing a 95% discount. Being an annualized series, with a new game coming out around September every year, it is not absurd to think that 2K was trying to attract a new wave of players before shifting focus to the inevitable NBA 2K20 later this year.

The sneaky [expletive]", He wrote Dramatic User drachmas. "Sell the game at a price of $ 3 to get an influx of players so they can get that shit. Such a predatory company is disgusting.

IGN contacted the 2K PR for clarification on the matter, but did not immediately receive a response.

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