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Michigan, 8, takes picture after being denied school picture for her hair extensions


And this time, it was all on her terms.

When Chicago photographer Jermaine Horton was identified in a Facebook post with the story of young Marian Scott, he wasted no time in contacting his parents to arrange a session tailored for her.

"This is an 8-year-old girl who was chosen by her school," Horton told CNN. "I'm a dad and I'm tired of seeing injustices like this happen. I wanted to go there and help build this girl's trust."

Earlier this month, Horton drove 4 1/2 hours to Michigan just to make it happen. Your only request? Marian should use her red braided extensions for the photos.

"I wanted her to be herself and to know that it's okay to be herself," Horton said.

And Marian did just that.

The resulting photos show Marian in her extensions and a very colorful wardrobe provided by Pamela Blackman, Joy Management CEO, and Mieka Joi, CEO of Rich Girl Candy clothing brand, for free.

"It was fun," Marian told CNN WILX affiliate. "You have to pose and be yourself."

Marian's story made headlines when she was barred from taking a picture of the school because of her hairstyle in October.

"She called us to tears," Marian's father Doug Scott told CNN. "She used school extensions before and they never told us anything, so it was surprising to us that this was the first time we heard this was a violation of the school's dress code."

Ben Kriesch, director of the Paragon Charter Academy where Marian went to school, told WILX that Marian's red extensions violated the school's policy.

The Paragon Charter Academy handbook says students' hair color must be "natural-colored" for the picture to be taken, the station said.

The school did not respond immediately to CNN's request for comment.

As a result of the incident, Marian's parents took her from Paragon Charter School three weeks ago.

"The school has not apologized or intended to change its policy," Scott told CNN. "They made my daughter feel inadequate and every child should feel fit in school."

In light of all that has happened, Scott says that a negative situation has turned into a positive one.

"It made me see that there are people out there who care, like Jermaine. My daughter was very disappointed before, but she's much happier now."

CNN's Gabrielle Sorto contributed to this report.

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