Men asked to talk about prostate cancer with their doctor


Men are being urged to talk about prostate cancer with their GP.

The Irish Cancer Society is making the call while the Movember is taking place as part of a month's awareness of the disease.

About one in seven men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during their lifetime.

The cancer prevention manager of the Cancer Society of Ireland, Kevin O'Hagan, says men may be reluctant to go to the doctor because of embarrassment.

"Often, the early symptoms of prostate cancer, they are not very obvious," said O & # 39; Hagan

"They are usually not noticed, so they (men) feel they do not have a problem.

"And secondly, there is an embarrassing element in talking about perhaps urinary problems, urine flow, which is obviously an embarrassing issue for many men, so there may be reluctance to attend and talk to the doctor."

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