Melania Trump's Red Christmas Trees Conjure "Tale of the Servant" To Twitter Users


Melania Trump's Christmas decorations have people seeing red – literally.

The first lady posted a Twitter video on Monday showing how the White House will be decorated this holiday season.

Put it this way: The house of the first family is, with the pardon of the pun, in a very red state, including the trees, which have a crimson theme set.

Red blood trees reminded many Twitter users: "The Tale of the Servant," Hulu's dystopic drama about a society that subjugates women.

Others were reminded of a different but equally terrifying reference to pop culture.

Others felt sorry for the first lady.

Some tried to add a positive touch to things.

Samantha Bee seemed touched by the Christmas spirit and made her Christmas wish for Trump.

Being criticized for Christmas decorations is becoming a tradition for the First Lady.

Last year she was criticized for Christmas decorations that looked more appropriate for Halloween than for Christmas, according to Inside Edition.


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